Are you trying to eliminate local jobs and reporting?

Absolutely not! RadioGab has no desire to eliminate local radio talent. In fact, we think it’s pretty darn important. If a station can’t afford to hire its own production staff, we’re happy to fill in the holes. But we’re also a great resource for local talent, reporters and DJs to enhance their current programming. Whether it’s a soundbyte to support your news report or a short celebrity interview to add to your music playlist, we’re excited to work WITH you!

Who owns the audio content?

RadioGab conducts and produces its own audio interviews so you can rest assured that we have the rights to distribute it and are able to grant you the rights to air it. You can also be sure that you won’t see it being licensed anywhere else! When you download a piece of content, RadioGab grants you a non exclusive license to use it on your station or within your show for a period of one year.

Is it possible to get exclusive content for our station or show?

Absolutely! RadioGab will be happy to conduct exclusive interviews specifically for you based on your needs! We are also happy to discuss the possibility of exclusive licensing for any of the content on our site, either on a national or local level or within your particular medium. Simply e-mail us for pricing and availability.

Can I edit your content to fit my broadcasting needs?

In most cases, yes! In fact, if you need help, we’re even happy to do it for you. We realize that each broadcaster has their own time and content needs. Given that, you are more than welcome to shorten our interviews to fit your broadcast. We just ask that you do it in a responsible way that doesn’t change the context or intended answer of the guest. For documentary style interview packages and song intros, we ask that you check with us first. In most cases though, we’ll be very happy to accommodate your needs!

Are there limits to how I can use the content I license?

Our goal is to give you as much flexibility as possible. There are a few basic rules that need to be followed though in order to keep everything on the up and up. 1) Interviews may not be used out of context. As fun as it may be to edit a guest’s words together to make them say something goofy, I’m afraid that’s a no no! Interviews and soundbytes must never be played or set up in a way that changes the intended message of the subject. 2) Interview excerpts may not be used as part of a recurring theme, show open or for audio “drops.” 3) Some interviews may come with additional use restrictions so please make sure to refer to the information for each individual piece before purchasing. For more info about restrictions, please review our Terms and Conditions. When in doubt about any usage issue, just give us a shout! We’re here to help.

Um, I forgot what I was going to ask!

No problem. Just drop us an e-mail or give us a call. We always like the chance to say hello to our current or prospective customers!